WELCOME TO ROOT….(that’s without a ‘s’ on the end)

When I created this space I wanted to make sure that everyone that walks in immediately feels welcome! I want to offer more than just an average salon would, proud to be selling Canadian made small business products. Carefully selected from the maritimes with our beard products, Educated Beards, all the way to the Rocky Mountains with tea from Banff’s Natur’el Tea. Of course you’ll need a new mug to go with your tea, all handmade mugs are brought to you by a local artist named Darlene Martin.

Some other unique items that I have discovered are concrete plant pots from Fat Plant Farms and beautifully crafted jewellery from Saskatoon based artist, elizabeth.lyn. PS - I always like to hear about new and unique products that are made within Canada, so if I’m missing something please shoot me an email!

Of course I can’t forget about the plants. My beautiful mother is the mastermind and caretaker behind the plants. It makes for such an amazing place to work out of with all the greenery surrounding us. The plants come to us from Burnaby, BC and there is always fresh stock to come in and check out!

Displaying local artwork on our walls was always top of the list as well, changing the artist every two months allows for a fresh new look on all your subsequent beauty visits.

Lastly you can sleep easy at night knowing that you are supporting a Green Circle Salon, we are a certified sustainable salon.